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I did this one a while ago but hadn’t had much time to post about it! This was part of the decorations for Angi’s bridal shower (a post to come on that soon).


Fabric – A sheet found at Goodwill for $2.00

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Permanent Double Sided Tape – Kroger – $3.75 , Scissors, Pencil

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Tin Cans – Collected from dinner preperations over the span of a few weeks

Total: $5.75 (for up to 20 cans) Time: About 10 minutes per can, faster as you get used to it

Step 1: Select which part of the fabric you’d like to show on the can and mark off the width of the can on the opposite side of the sheet, in pencil. [Tip: I started with the side of the sheet which already had a hem to save time later]. When measuring make two lines, one is the edge of the can and then create a line about 3/4″ further than that line where you’ll cut the fabric. Roll the can up to determine where the end of the material should be to cover it and add 3/4″ on both sides of that measurement as well.

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Step 2: Cut the pattern out & place can on top. Mark the bottom and top edges of the can on the border where you’ll create a fold.

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Step 3: Place double sided top along the inside edge of your new line. I used 1″ strips separated by about 1/2″. Then fold the extra material over the top of the tape.

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Step 4: Repeat as needed on all sides. so that fabric will not fray around the edges.

Step 5: Use double sided tape to apply one edge directly to the can.

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Step 6: Use double sided tape to apply the other end which competes the can.

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I created nine of these to use at Angi’s bridal shower. We put water in them and lit floating candles on top. Since then I’ve put them around my house with little daisies for spring decorations. We plan to use them as wedding decorations as well!

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